Scrap all anti-graffiti laws

In recent years most states in Australia have introduced new ‘anti-graffiti’ laws. Western Australia followed suit on January 1 with state wide legislation that threatens graffiti artists with up to two years jail or fines of $24,000. Advertisements

Music fans rally to save the Tote

For more than 25 years the Tote Hotel in Collingwood has been at the centre of Melbourne’s live music scene. The venue has helped launch some of Australia’s best known bands and played host to a long list of international acts. The pictures and posters that adorn the walls of the bar and band room […]

A pathetic response to executive pay

When clothing manufacturer Pacific Brands announced in February last year that it would be moving offshore and sacking 1850 workers, people were clearly angry. But when it came out soon after that Pacific Brands chief executive Sue Morphet would have her pay increased from $685,775 to $1.8 million that anger turned into outrage.