Boeing workers defy Rudd’s IR laws

Over 700 workers from aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing are currently on strike at the Fishermans Bend plant in Melbourne. This morning at a mass meeting the workers agreed to defy Federal Court orders telling them to return to work. These workers now face possible fines and other serious legal action.

Economic downturn

Its their system so make the bosses pay! Almost every day we hear more bad news about the state of the economy: market volatility, hedge funds collapsing, rising oil and food prices and investors losing confidence. One thing is for sure and that is that the bosses want working people to bear the brunt of […]

10th anniversary of the 1998 waterfront dispute

Ten years ago today, security officers accompanied by guard dogs stormed into 17 ports across Australia owned by Patrick Stevedores. This came after its chief executive, Chris Corrigan, sacked his workers, sparking a month-long lockout. Today the Maritime Union of Australia mark the anniversary with a short stop work while Corrigan has been quoted today […]

Bump me into parliament!

“We will not be intimidated! Unions must continue to stand up for people. As a union leader let me make this clear, I will not pay a $33,000 fine for asking for people to be treated fairly.” These were the fine words of then ACTU Secretary Greg Combet at the mass rally against Howard’s IR […]