Action to protect shop steward’s job

A community picket in support of CEPU (Communications, Electrical and Postal Union) shop steward Peter Vining continued this week at the Fitzroy Delivery Centre in Melbourne.

Peter Vining was sacked before Christmas for allegedly upsetting a customer. The CEPU took the case to the Federal Court where it was determined that Peter had his employment unlawfully terminated. The court ordered that he be reinstated in his former position.

Australia Post has failed to abide by the court order and whilst reinstating him have instructed him that he must move to another workplace.

This move by Australia Post is in complete violation of the Federal Court’s decision and is in keeping with Australia Post’s agenda of targeting union members who are in active opposition to their strategy to close local distribution centres in favour of ’supercentres’ (amongst other things).

The sacking of militants in Australia Post and the open harassment and legal threats against the CEPU is backed up by Howard’s new IR laws. It’s important that all unions oppose and are seen to be opposing this fundamental attack on workers democratic rights.